Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show

Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show

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Gene Steratore Would Have Never Predicted This Tournament, Billy Gardell Calls in via a Tin Can and String, and more

Band Beef, Gwyneth Paltrow on Trial, Colby Armstrong Talks Sid vs Ovi

Randy believes he's found a band with more internal issues than Journey. Gwyneth Paltrow is on trial for colliding with a stranger on a ski slope and it's just as insufferable as you thought it would be. Colby Armstrong loved seeing the Pens pull out the win against the Caps on Saturday night.

Sean Collier's Movie Reviews, TJ Loves Being Back in Pittsburgh, and more.

Sean Collier reviews John Wick Chapter 4, A Good Person with Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman, and a retro pick. TJ Miller is in town to perform at the Pittsburgh Improv and he joins us to tell us why he thinks Pittsburgh is a great American city.

TJ Miller Loves Being Back in PIttsburgh

TJ Miller is in town to perform at the Pittsburgh Improv and he joins us to tell us wy he thinks Pittsburgh is a great American city, what he liked and didn't like about this year's Oscars, and more.

Mr Wednesday Feels Old, PFT Commenter Can't Choose a Side Between Brady and Gisele, Stan Savran Was Bewildered by the Pens Last Night, and more

Mr Wednesday Jeff Konkle is turning another year older and reflects on how his celebrations have changed over the years. PFT Commenter will always love March Madness and is doing his best to keep up with all the Brady and Gisele drama. Stan Savran thought the Penguins were doomed until they went on the road and beat the Avalanche last night.

Soft Dumps, Phil Bourque is Getting Restless, Eddie Ifft Returns, Mark Madden Talks with Big Ben

Soft Dumps with Joe Bartnick, Phil Bourque can't believe the Pens are in their third lengthy losing streak of the season. Eddie Ifft returns. Mark Madden talked with Ben Roethlisberger on The X yesterday afternoon about the rumors that Ben could have come out of retirement last year to play for the 49ers.

Frank Caliendo Returns, Steve Blass Shares Some Stories, and more

Frank Caliendo returns to reassure us he isn't afraid of Tom Cruise. Steve Blass joins the show ahead of DVE Morning Show's Clemente Museum Private Tour that he will be the guide for and he shares some stories that gives you a peek into what else you can hear on the private tour.

Mark Kaboly Keeps Track of All the Steelers Free Agency Moves Last Week, Colby Armstrong Is Embarrassed for the Pens After This Past Weekend, and more

The Steelers have brought in five new players via free agency and Mark Kaboly overall believes they could all help in some way next season. The Pens lost back to back games at the Garden against the Rangers including a 6-0 loss on Saturday and Colby Armstrong can't believe the Pens are still holding on to a wild card spot.

Mr Wednesday's Parental Advice, Phi Bourque is Hungover from the Pens, Mark Madden is Unimpressed with Omar Khan, and more

Mr Wednesday Jeff Konkle hates when people offer him certain parental advice. Phil Bourque was so ready for the Pens to blow out the Habs, until Montreal scored six goals of their own. Mark Madden is not shocked by the Penguins collapse last night and doesn't think the Steelers free agency moves this week.

Gerry Dulac Reacts to the Cam Sutton and Patrick Peterson Swap, Ed and Day Preview Season 2 of Their Show, and more

On the first day of the unofficial free agency period, the Steelers let Cam Sutton walk only to sign Patrick Peterson moments later -- Gerry Dulac offers his thoughts on the transactions. Ed Bailey and Day Bracey of Ed and Day in the Burgh highlight some of their favorite moments from season 1 and tease some of the best bits from season 2 which come out this Thursday.