Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show

Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show

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Thanksgiving Hangovers, Betting on Horses, Steelers Take on NFL's Ted Lasso Tonight and more

Big Cat's Got His Own Coffee & Alternate Thanksgiving Main Dish Ideas, Merril Hoge Buys a Turkey, Pick 6 and more

Big Cat from Pardon My Take has his own line of coffee out right now as well as a few revisions for Thanksgiving dinner. Merril Hoge had to resort to buying a turkey this year instead of hunting one. Plus, Bill and Randy's Pick 6 for Thanksgiving Day, Mark Madden, Melinda Colazzi in a virtual coffeehouse and more

Gene Steratore's Thanksgiving Tales, Billy Gardell Returns, Charlie Batch's Perspective on Canada Criticism and more

Gene Steratore remembers what it's like to spend Thanksgiving on the road during the NFL season, Billy Gardell shares some wise words from his dad, and Charlie Batch's wife Tasha has the best mac n cheese recipe around

Steelers Defense Collapses at Home vs Bengals, Buck Darma is the Working Man's Rock Star, Sour Hour with Stan Savran and more

Tim Benz, Gerry Dulac, and Stan Savran break down yesterday's 37-30 loss against the Bengals and what's to make of the rest of the season now that there is no hope for the playoffs. Plus, Buck Darma of Blue Oyster Cult is the working man's rockstar, and Elton John bids farewell to America at Dodger Stadium.

Dave Dameshek is Keepin the Faith, Buffalo Rose in Virtual Coffeehouse, Sean Collier's Movie Reviews and more

There's no tanking in Pittsburgh, and Dave Dameshek believes a win this weekend vs Cincy could provide the spark Steeler Nation needs. Buffalo Rose have a new album out today called 'Again, Again, Again' and they'll be headlining at the Thunderbird tonight in Lawrenceville. Plus, Sean Collier's movie reviews and more

PFT Commenter Spends Thanksgiving in Qatar, Bill and Randy's Pick Six for Week 11, Missi Matthews Staying Warm on the Sidelines

PFT Commenter will be attending the World Cup next week in Qatar, and dodging numerous vices for his own safety. Plus, Missi Matthews bundles up for Sundays bitter color rush matchup between the Bengals and Steelers, and Bill and Randy have their Pick 6 in for Week 11.

Merril Hoge Surrounded By Greatness, Mr. Wednesday's High School Reunion, Tomlin Translator, Mark Madden and more

Merril Hoge remembers his introduction to the Steelers organization at the twilight of so many legendary careers including Mike Webster, Franco Harris, and John Stallworth. Mr. Wednesday Jeff Konkle attended his high school reunion and was reminded what it was like to be a true cool kid. Plus, the Super Genius Mark Madden will only attend the Hall of Honor Museum once Kenny Pickett is inducted, and the Tomlin Translator gets to the bottom of yesterday's press conference.

Steely Scares Away the Pigeons, Gene Steratore on Kazee's Hit, Charlie Batch on Pickett's Missed Throws and more

Steely McBeam returns with a master plan to rid Acrisure Stadium of pigeons once and for all, Gene Steratore comments on last night's whacky roughing the passer call, and Charlie Batch recounts a few plays Kenny Pickett has to make moving forward.

Steelers Bounce Back with Win After the Bye, Tim Benz, Gerry Dulac, Stan Savran and more on Victory Monday

Tim Benz and Gerry Dulac break down yesterday's win vs New Orleans, plus a Power Hour with Stan Savran.

LIVE From the Steelers Hall of Honor Museum: Heath Miller's Favorite Moments in Black and Gold, Ben Roethlisberger's Memories of Playing with Heath, Art Rooney II and more

The Steelers Hall of Honor Museum is now open to the public and the DVE Morning Show was there today to take it all in. Heath Miller, Ben Roethlisberger, Art Rooney II and Stan Savran join the show as well to honor and remember the Steelers legacy from it's inception to present day.