"I thought, in another 5 or 10 years this will all be forgotten. We just didn't see that it was going to go on for this long."

Allen Shaw, the former Director of FM Special Projects is one of the main people responsible for the transformation of KQV-FM to the WDVE that we are today. We're so glad he was wrong about the station's longevity! This year marks our 50th anniversary and we couldn't be more proud to share past memories with you. So much of what we've always done is with you, the listener in mind. As you look and listen, maybe you'll remember what you were doing while we provided the soundtrack. We really hope this can become collaborative throughout the year as you share some of your memories with us. You can do that here.

One of the lines we've used over the years is "For Pittsburghers, by Pittsburghers." With a staff comprised mostly of people who grew up listening to 102.5, along with all of you, this may be the best way to describe our bond.

We hope you keep checking back throughout the year. Remember, "Long, strange trips" are the best trips to take.

The images used in the masthead are courtesy of Ed Vance and Tom Koetting.

A Look Into The 'DVE Archives