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Ultimate St.Patty's Day Experience Winner

Photo: Powell, Bryce (uploader)

Congrats to our winner, Jesse, from Monroeville! Thank you to everyone that submitted a limerick. Check out his and a few other of our favorites below.

Jesse - WINNER
The successor to Ben isn't Goff 
Nor Pickett ya Jags, that's e'noff
Whether it's right or it's wrong 
He's been here all along
Face it, Bill Crawford, it's Rudolph

We know Number 7's grown tired,
And a new QB needs to be hired, 
His name won't be Ben
And we probably won't win,
But at least effin' Brady's retired. 

There once was a QB named Mason
Who's flavor nobody liked tastin'.
As a quarterback fella,
Yinz know he's vanilla.
Start him and the season is wastin’.

There was a new Steeler QB
GOAT outa retirement, you see
He said to his Giselle
One more win, what the hell-
I'll end with football history!!

Big Ben's last farewell had us all stung.
But Mason's performance was cow dung.
This year's draft class ain't great,
So start Mason and wait,
For '23 when we draft our guy Bryce Young.

There once was a QB named Pickett
Who should be the top of the ticket
A standout from Pitt 
Yeah, this guy is it.
The rest of the OB's can stick it!

Our next QB should be Steely.
On the field he is all touchy feely.
As a mascot he sucks!
He's the King of the Schmucks!
But he's our best prospect. Really?

There was a great quarterback named Benny
Who hung up his cleats after many
The fans were dismayed
Their nerves were all frayed
Then they heard his replacement was Kenny

There once was a quarterback named mason. 
His ability makes me cry like capsaicin
The entire city has their doubt. 
Hall of fame quarterbacks are what we are about
I hope he keeps his helmet on during the next altercation. 

There once was a team from Da'Burgh
Who's last QB was Superb
If it's Mason or Dwayne
It will be Tomlin to blame
Next season will be a Black & Gold turd!

Big Ben is gone, left us with no future;
Is Haskins a bum? Will Mason have sutures?
With the twentieth pick;
Yinz, I feel really sick;
Our best bet just might be Ben Junior!

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