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The Smelliest States in the U.S.

In your opinion, which state totally STINKS? And we mean that literally . . . which one SMELLS the worst? Someone ranked all 50 states by looking at four different categories of stink . . .They factored in how dirty the air is . . . how many landfills there are . . . dental health, as a measure of bad breath . . . and population density to estimate how much B.O. you have to deal with. Here are the ten smelliest states in America . . .

1. Maryland.

2. California.

3. Florida.

4. Delaware.

5. Massachusetts.

6. Alabama.

7. New Jersey.

8. New York.

9. Pennsylvania.

10. Mississippi. North and South Dakota tied for the most pleasant-smelling states, followed by Wyoming, Idaho, and Wisconsin

Check out the full list HERE

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