Have You Ever Ended a Friendship?

We've all had friendships slowly fade out over time. But a new survey asked how many people have put a little FIRE under that fading process. And maybe adding accelerant. 71% of people say they've decided to end a friendship. 25% of people CLAIM they've never done that. And 5% "don't know." So HOW do you end a friendship? Well, the go-to method is . . . ghosting people. Yes, 34% of people ACTIVELY decided to end a friendship . . . by INACTIVELY doing nothing, and just hoping the other person takes a hint. 30% will sit down and talk to the other person . . . 9% will do it over the phone . . . another 9% would do it over text . . . and 7% will "do something else." (We need more details from THOSE people.)

Here's a look at the poll