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Man vs. Wild: What Animals Do Humans Think They Could Take in a Fight?

A recent survey asked 1,200 people which animals they think they could beat in a FIGHT. Meaning unarmed, no weapons. And 6% . . . or 1 in 17 Americans . . . think they could take down a GRIZZLY. Here are ten more match-ups, and how we think we'd do . . .

1. Could you beat up a lion? 8% said yes. And this isn't just a macho guy thing. 7% of women said yes to that one too.

2. An elephant? 8% said yes.

3. A gorilla? Again, 8%. And 17% think they could beat up a chimp.

4. A crocodile? 9% said yes.

5. A wolf? 12%. And 23% of us think we could take down a large dog.

6. Kangaroo? 14% think they'd beat a kangaroo in a fight.

7. An eagle? So an attack from the air . . . 30% said yes.

9. A house cat? 69% of us are confident we'd win.

10. A rat, 72% said yes. The poll also looked at how 33 different animals would do against each other, and found elephants and rhinos would be the hardest to beat in general. "Unarmed humans" ranked second-to-last behind geese

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