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DVE's Stay-At-Home St. Patty's Day Party Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered our DVE Stay-At-Home St. Patty's Day Party contest. Check out the winning limerick and a few honorable mentions below.

Congrats to winner, Carla D

Let's buy Healthcare Heroes a round!
I can tell you where they can be found
Not at home with their pets
Watching Netflix in sweats
They're at work keeping yinz above ground!

Honorable Mentions
from Troy
There a pandemic, so we cannot go aht.
After a year, I just wanna shaht.
Though my wife is a saint,
Her patience grows faint.
She says "Drink, so yinz quit runnin' yer mouth!”

from Carrie
Teaching is like a fine wine,
It’s supposed to get better with time,
But this year’s been crazy,
No time to be lazy,
I didn’t sign up for online!

from Cassandra
We gotta keep socially distant,
Since covid has been persistent,
I need a great party,
to eat and drink hearty,
since staying at home is insistent.

from Jeff
St Pattys Day I am rethinking
I need to do more drinking
My wife says I'm lazy
I think she's crazy
Home party is all I'm thinking

from Amy
The Covid’s a pain in the ass
My beer has made me have gas
A party is needed
So much that I’ve heeded
A way to be a much better lass.

from Chris
Double yoi! We’ve found a financier,
for our dreams of Irish whiskey and beer.
From the comfort of home,
we can pee some place known.
The DVE float’s in our driveway this year!

from Erin
Yinz jag offs can't party dahntahn,
Blame the covid that's goin' arahnd (around).
Shots of whiskey at home,
Singin' Danny Boy alone,
Eatin' chipped ham and pumpin' some arn.

from Char
St. Paddy's Day ain't got no boom.
With nobody else in the room
But the whiskey's all mine
And the beer and the wine
This year I'll be barfing on zoom.

from Patrick
I’ve got to stay home for St. Pattys
Just like all other mommy's and daddy's,
My kids drive me nuts,
And I'm stuck in a rut,
If I don’t win some booze I’ll go batty

from Maureen
Been sober for months, nearly nine
Long nights without beer, whiskey and wine
Push this baby out
Stop this drinking drought
Make all of the alcohol mine!

from Elizabeth
There once was a newlywed couple
Who spent their first years in a bubble
No honeymoon to take, with covid at stake.
But run out of beer? now, that’s trouble.

from Lindsay
St Patty’s was cancelled last year
We couldn’t buy liquor or beer
To slow down the spread
We stayed in and baked bread
And now I don’t wear a brassiere

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