DVE's Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Winner

Congrats to our winner, Mark! Tons of awesome entries for this. Check out his entry and a few honorable mentions below.


from Mark:
A spark when we met, our love flame has grown stronger,
But I'll burn down our house, if we're together much longer.
I love you; I do, there's never been another,
But quarantine has proven, I'm living with your mother.
Streaming old shows, movies we binge,
Now your chewing, your breathing, and your voice makes me cringe.
A year of home office, zoom friends, and no parties,
Let's divide to reconnect on the land of Joe Hardy's.

Honorable Mentions

from Jon:
Roses are red, violets are blue,
If it weren't for these masks, I'd try to kiss you.
Can't take much more of this heartache and gloom,
The kids lost the charger and they need to Zoom.
You've dented the couch with your Snuggie cocoon
I'm fearful of what may emerge, or how soon.
We've binge-watched ourselves through all of the channels -
I hope you're still sexy under all of that flannel.

from Aron:
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Unfortunately after quarantine, your bathroom habits I no longer ponder.
After 11 long months , and ALL this time together.
"For better or worse" , is unstable as our weather.
Perhaps flowers, candy, and a card because I'm your guy.
Maybe I'll even get you a heart shaped Vinny Pie.
I do still love you, but what can I say.
I'm runnin dahn to Giant Iggle, we're almost outta potpourri spray.

from Vincent:
They say absence makes the heart grow Fonder
But this past year really makes me wonder
We spend every night on the couchie
Watching the news and listening to Fauci
We need some time to be apart
To keep our sanity, and so I can fart
One weekend of freedom would be really great
Send me to Nemacolin I can no longer wait