Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show

Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show

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DOWNLOAD: Ramble at the Rex November 23, 2019

Looking for something to enhance your isolation vibration?

Check this out- Alex Herd from Allegheny City Sound multi-track recorded the last Ramble at the Rex in November and it sounds pretty amazing.

Enjoy this free download of some of the brightest starts of the Pgh music scene and if you can swing it, throw a little in the till for The Rex Theater Staff Relief Fund and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council emergency fund for artists. There's a link to each below or on the Bandcamp page. #StayTheFuckHome #RonaRamble


Rex Theater Staff Relief Fund - HERE and Auction details HERE.

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Relief Fund - HERE

The Ramble Band:

  • Randall Baumann - piano
  • Ryan Booth - bari & soprano saxophone
  • Phil Brontz - saxophone
  • Cara Garofalo - violin
  • Nate Insko - trumpet
  • Gary Jacob - pedal steel & 12 string guitar
  • Rob James - guitar & manodolin
  • Mike Minda - guitar
  • Danny Rectenwald - mandolin & classical guitar
  • Skip Sanders - organ
  • Chad Sipes - bass
  • Joe Waslousky - drums
  • Nathan Zoob - guitar

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