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"Poop Like A Champion" Cereal

"The No.1 cereal in the World for No. 2's"

If you need some help with your No. 2's, then this cereal might be for you. At first glance, the name makes it look like a satirical product straight out of a cartoon. But with over 300 reviews on Amazon, we can assure you it's real.


It's advertised as having the "ultimate colon cleansing formula" and claims to have the highest fiber content, 30 g per serving — more than any other cereal on the market.

Don't go in expecting a sugary sweet morning treat. They're pretty transparent that it isn't the tastiest cereal out there.

"POOP LIKE A CHAMPION isn't made to taste great; it's MADE to WORK GREAT!"

Some of the reviews are rather humorous, I'd definitely check those out. One of my favorites:

"It should be called 'take a dump like an elephant.' Works as advertised."

Read more about it HERE, or check it out on Amazon.

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