Pearl Jam Releases Another Track From Their Forthcoming Album "Dark Matter"

Pearl Jam has released another track off their forthcoming album "Dark Matter" that's due out next month!

The song is called "Running" and you can check it out below, or over on the band's YouTube Channel.

Stone Gossard talked to Spin about the record, and said this about the new track: "It’s one of the last ones we recorded at Shangri-La, and it was fun to come up with one more up-tempo song. [Eddie Vedder’s] vocal dexterity here and on a few other spots on the album is just stunning."

The band has also announced that the album will debut in theaters around the world on April 16th, and it will be played twice -- first in the dark theater, and then again with added visuals.

Dark Matter comes out April 19th.

Photo: Getty Images

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