New Info About Alex Van Halen's Autobiography "Brothers"

The official blurb for Alex Van Halen's autobiography, along with a first look at the cover for the book, have both been made public.

The Van Halen News Desk website posted the details on Thursday this week, along with a photo of the official cover that HarperCollins sent them.

According to, part of the blurb reads as follows:

"In his rough-yet-sweet voice, Alex recounts the brothers' childhood, first in the Netherlands and then in working-class Pasadena, California, with an itinerant musician father and a very proper Indonesian-born mother — the kind of mom who admonished her boys to 'always wear a suit' no matter how famous they became — a woman who was both proud and practical, nonchalant about taking a doggie bag from a star-studded dinner. He also shares tales of musical politics, infighting, and plenty of bad-boy behavior. But mostly, his is a story of brotherhood, music, and enduring love... There has never been an accurate account of them or the band, and Alex wants to set the record straight on Edward's life and death."

For the full blurb and more info, hit up the Van Halen News Desk!

"Brothers" is set to be released by HarperCollins on October 22nd.

Photo: Getty Images

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