Steve Vai Reunited With "Swiss Cheese" Guitar That Was Stolen 36 Years Ago

Steve Vai was recently reunited with his "Swiss Cheese" guitar!

It was stolen over 36 years ago in Pasadena, CA at Perkins Palace during rehearsals for the "Eat Em and Smile" tour with David Lee Roth.

Yep, that's the guitar he used in the music video for "Yankee Rose."

Vai wrote on Facebook, "The guitar was discovered by young Iván Gonzáles Acosta (Instagram: @byivan997) in the attic of his grandparents home in Tijuana, Mexico."

He added, "The condition of the guitar when I saw it was a shocker. It’s as if it was put in the case and never played for 36 years. The colors are still vibrant and the neck is in great shape."

Read the full story from Steve Vai himself below or over on his Facebook page!

Photo: Getty Images

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