It's About The Warrior Foundation Podcast: New Ep. with Josh Costello

Photo: Photo: iHeartMedia Pittsburgh

New episode of the IATW Foundation podcast is out!

This week Josh Costello (USMC veteran) joins me to chat about the importance of the comradery within foundation, his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more.

Give it a listen this weekend! You can check it out below, the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts....just search for the It's About The Warrior Foundation.

Also, check out this video from Steve Monteleone about the new IATW t-shirts from Nine-Line Apparel that go on sale January 27th.

ALL proceeds will go to USMC Wounded veteran David Emery (Angel Emery) to purchase a new Outrider USA adaptive vehicle for him.

Follow the IATW Facebook page for updates next week.

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