UDiscoverMusic Releases New List of The 108 Best Guitar Solos


Photo: Getty Images

UDiscoverMusic has a released a new list to kick off the new year, and this one features the 108 best guitar solos of all time!

In putting together the list, the editors make said that they considered "no more than one solo from any one player, so a couple of members of well-known bands are represented by their greatest guest appearances. When in doubt, we opted for the most memorable solo, whether it’s part of a classic song or great overall performance."

Here's the Top 5:

  1. Jimi Hendrix: "Purple Haze" (Woodstock version)
  2. Wes Montgomery: "No Blues"
  3. Chuck Berry: "School Day"
  4. B.B. King: "The Thrill Is Gone"
  5. Funkadelic: "Maggot Brain" (solo by Eddie Hazel)

Check out the full list over at UDiscoverMusic.com.

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