How ZZ Top Landed a Cameo in "Back To the Future III"

Did you catch the "Back to the Future" movie marathon on TV this past weekend?

I can't remember what channel it was on, but I ended up watching most of the third installment of the movie on New Year's Day, and completely forgot about ZZ Top's cameo in it!

They wrote a song for the movie called "Doubleback," and as the late Dusty Hill recalled in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the band stopped by the set one night when they were filming the town festival scene.

Dusty said when everyone broke for lunch, he grabbed a seat next to director Robert Zemeckis and kept telling him, "You know, it looks like we belong in this movie! I mean, you don’t hardly even need to use makeup on us!"

After making a few adjustments to the scene, the guys jumped on stage with the band hired for the movie, and the rest is history!

You can read more over at the Ultimate Classic Rock website, and check out the behind the scenes video and the cameo below.

Photo: Getty Images

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