Peter Billingsley Returns As Ralphie For The Sequel To "A Christmas Story"

The trailer for "A Christmas Story Christmas" came out this week and it looks really good!

Peter Billingsley returns as a grown up Ralphie. His dad, the old man has passed away, and Ralphie goes home for the holidays with his wife and kids. They stay with his mother, and Ralphie has to take care of everything his dad used to do for the holidays…..

There are also a lot of the cast members from the original back for this one, too.

Steve Bryne tweeted about it this week and said, "My great pal Peter Billingsley is back. He’s been offered many versions of a sequel and always rebuffed until they had a truly great script. This is it and worth the wait.”

"A Christmas Story" is one of my all time favorite holiday movies, so looking forward to this one.

It will be out on HBO Max later this month on November 17th. Check out the trailer below.

Photo: Getty Images

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