Police Ridicule Man On Social Media After He Reports Being Sold Fake Weed

Most people can tell the difference between marijuana and celery. 

However, there's a guy in Indonesia that is NOT most people.

Police over there have turned to social media to publicly ridicule this dude who called them to report that someone had sold him what he suspected was fake marijuana.

The guy took his newly purchased stash to the police station, and upon inspection, cops realized he was right. Somebody sold him celery with some plain old grass mixed in.

The police were going to charge him with possession, but since he only had vegetables on him, they decided to let him go.

Check out the video they posted Instagram below.

The man got extremely lucky. Had it been actual marijuana, he would've been in big trouble because Indonesia has some of the strictest drug laws in the world.

Full story over at the India Times website!

Photo: Getty Images

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