Study Shows That Surgeons Listening To AC/DC Are Faster and More Accurate

Photo: Getty Images

A recent study showed that blasting AC/DC music in operating rooms almost doubled surgeons’ speed at some things without affecting their exactness.

Lead researcher Cui Yang from Heidelberg University in Germany, where the study was conducted, says that both hard and soft rock improved performance, but for hard rock “The positive effect was especially noticeable when the music was played at high volume.”

However for soft rock, the louder the music, the more effected the performance was.

Case in point, surgeons in the trials that listened to "Highway to Hell" and "T.N.T." were able to make a precision cut in 139 seconds, instead of the usual 236 seconds.

So next you time have to go under the knife, maybe request some AC/DC before the surgeon gets started!

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