Cam Heyward Celebrates April Fool's Day By Pranking Steelers Nation

Hopefully you remembered it was April Fool's Day when you saw some of these tweets from Cam Heyward!

Some people did not, and it's caused Steelers Nation to freak out a little bit.

On Friday morning, he started the prank by tweeting, "Damn it’s been real Steelers nation…"

A few hours later, he posted a graphic that looked like it was from the official Steelers Twitter account that said he had been released.

And then Friday afternoon, he posted yet another tweet asking if anybody wants to help him make a farewell video.

At that point, most fans knew it was all a prank, and Cam signed that one with, "PS I know I'm going too far."

Yeah, it was maybe a little much, especially if you forgot that it's April Fool's Day!

Well played Cam...well played indeed.

Photo: Getty Images

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