Dusty Hill's Wife Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Her Late Husband, Thanks Fans

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Dusty Hill's widow, Charleen McCrory, has shared a heartfelt tribute to her late husband, which included a thank you to all of his fans.

In the note, which was posted on the ZZ Top Facebook page, she wrote, "After 19 wonderful years of marriage that ended too soon, I’ve decided to step out into Dusty’s spotlight to thank all of his fans, colleagues and friends for the overwhelming outpouring of love for The Dust. It makes me hopeful he will not be forgotten."

"He was the kindest, most gentle and caring man a woman could ever Hope to find in a lifetime. Many don’t believe in fairy tale marriages but Dusty and I truly lived one! We were inseparable."

McCrory also wrote about their plan to get him well enough to return to the road with the band again, and the moment leading up to his death.

"He wasn’t supposed to leave me or all of you. That wasn’t the plan he and I had. The plan was for another round of physical therapy, with a different approach, to help his chronic bursitis. The plan was he would return to the second leg of the tour in September."

"Early Wednesday morning my world and yours would lose a great musician and I would lose my greatest love. He woke me up and we talked and as he was sweetly chatting with me he suddenly stopped and he was gone in an instant."

You can read the full note below or on the ZZ Top Facebook page.

A private funeral service is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 8/3 in Texas.

Photo: Getty Images

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