Michael Brewer Talks About New Brewer & Shipley Doc, Jerry Garcia, And More

Looking for something to watch for 4/20? A new documentary called "Brewer & Shipley: One Toke Over The Line....and Still Smokin" is out today!

Michael Brewer called in last week to talk about the doc, which was produced by Kathy Corley with Full Circle Productions.

Brewer told me that Corley used to teach videography at Washington University in St. Louis, and she approached the duo about doing the film. She said, "There has always been way more to Brewer & Shipley music than just 'One Toke Over The Line' and a lot of people don't know that." They checked off on it, and she has spent the past nine years working on it.

We also talked about the gig he and Shipley had as staff writers for A&M, which ended opening the door for them to cut their first album.

Brewer also shared some stories about recording with Jerry Garcia and The Wrecking Crew, and much more.

You can check out the full interview and trailer for the documentary below.

The full doc is now available on VIMEO to rent for $4.99.

Photo: Courtesy of Brewer & Shipley

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