VIDEO: MLB Teams Test Fake Crowd Noise

Several MLB teams tested out fake crowd noise this week.

The Tampa Bay Rays were one of those teams, and according to the Tampa Bay Times, the players seemed to like it. Outfielder Kevin Kiermaier said, "It’s a lot better than just silence throughout a ballpark. That’s not what we’re accustomed to.”

Mark Topkin from the TB Times posted a couple of videos on Twitter to give everyone a sample of how out sounds.

In a report on The Nationals, NBC Sports says that Major League Baseball teamed up with video-game maker "MLB The Show" to get the audio which can be used across the league at games without fans this year.

The Pittsburgh Pirates also gave it a run. Alex Stumpf posted some video from the pressbox at PNC Park. Pirates manager Derek Shelton told DK Pittsburgh Sports, "I wish they could pipe in some beer vendors or water vendors. That would be kind of fun."

Videos below. As you can hear, the timing and volume obviously needs some work, but if that gets fixed, it might actually be pretty good. And let's be's not going to be 100% perfect, but it's better than nothing, right?

Photo: Getty Images

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