Chris Robinson Asks Crowd To Shut Up & Pay Attention At Acoustic Show

Chris and Rich Robinson are doing their "Brothers of a Feather" acoustic tour right now, and the crowd at the show in Philadelphia last week apparently got a little "chatty" during their set.

Chris Robinson had no problem expressing his frustration and telling them exactly what was on his mind.

Towards the beginning of the show before they played 'Wiser Time' he said, “It would be nice if we could hear ourselves. So if you could just shut the f--k up a little bit.”

Later he added, "We’re happy to be here, but it’s not any fun if we can’t get into it. You’re f--king grown adults and you paid your money. You should f--kin’ pay attention. It’s one guy with a guitar and one person singing."

You can check out the fan filmed video below (WARNING: NSFW language).

The BOAF acoustic run continues through March 6th, and later this year the Black Crowes head out on their "Shake Your Money Maker" tour.

Photo: Getty Images

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