Pennsylvania Pizzeria Serving Up Hempperoni Pizza

A Pennsylvania pizza shop has created what they are calling the Hempperoni Pizza!

John Jennings, the owner of Pizza Mia in Bellefonte, PA, says that doing a CDB infused pizza was something they put a lot of thought into. He had some doubts at first, but told WJAC TV that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Jennings family first started exploring CBD therapy when their son had a complex febrile seizure, and doctors recommended they look into it. Then John suffered a shattered hip, and CBD came up again, so he started a farm and began growing hemp.

In case you're wondering (and I know you are) how they make it...the cheese on the pizza is infused with CBD, and the hemp leaf is used like an herb. According to WJAC, the Hempperoni Pizza will officially be on the menu starting October 23rd.

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