President Trump Trolls Joe Biden On Twitter With Nickelback Photograph Meme

On Wednesday afternoon I noticed that Nickelback was trending on Twitter. My first thought was maybe they did a surprise release of a new song, or maybe announced a new album, but no, it wasn't because of either of those things.

It was because President Trump tried to troll Joe Biden with the Nickelback "Photograph" meme. I know, technically it was a meme inside of a video that had an audio clip of the song, but still, the meme was in the video.

Nickelback was apparently not amused by the whole thing. Reports say they filed a copyright complaint with Twitter, and the video was removed.

However, before that happened, news outlets all over the country picked up the story, and most of them used the meme in their news broadcasts on Wednesday night. If you missed it, video is below!

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