Thousands of People Show Up At Funeral For Veteran With No Family

Thousands of people gathered at Sarasota National Cemetery in Florida to honor a man that most of them had never met.

Edward K. Pearson was born in 1939, and he served in the Army from 1962-64. He passed away on August 31st, and had no immediate family. Until a few days ago, only three people were expected to attend his funeral.

That all changed when Pearson's obituary went viral after the funeral director included this line in the announcement for the service: "This veteran has no immediate family and all are welcome to attend."

According to WTSP News Channel 10, the director at the Sarasota National Cemetery told the crowd that 400 veterans had funeral services without family at their side during his time at the cemetery, and also encouraged the community to show up for other veteran’s funerals.

Pearson received a full military honors during his funeral on Tuesday.

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