Majors Gregory and Joyce Hartshorn, Salvation Army of Western PA

The Salvation Army Western PA Division is pleased to welcome its new leaders, Majors Gregory and Joyce Hartshorn.

Majors Hartshorn most recently served as the Divisional Leaders of The Salvation Army Southern New England. Major Gregory has served as second in command in the cities of Hartford, CT; Cleveland, Ohio; and in Boston, Massachusetts. Major Joyce has served alongside him, fulfilling many leadership roles in each of these communities since 2010. 

During their first 23 years with The Salvation Army, from 1986 to 2010, Majors Hartshorn fulfilled pastoral and administrative roles in Willimantic and Waterbury, CT; Lexington, KY; Niagara Falls, NY and Manchester, NH. They began their ministry in Connecticut, where their three children were born.

Major Gregory spent his early years before a call to ministry as a small business owner in Manchester, NH. Major Joyce has a degree in Sociology from The King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, NY and was serving at the local Salvation Army as a caseworker when she met Major Gregory and introduced him to the wonder of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That encounter changed the rest of their individual lives, bringing them together in lifelong marriage and ministry.   

Majors Raphael and Sandra Jackson led the Western PA Division for the past two and a half years. Major Raphael has been promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel and will now serve as the Assistant Chief Secretary and Racial Diversity and Inclusion Secretary at The Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters. Major Sandra, also promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel, will serve as Secretary for Program at Territorial Headquarters.

“We are called to love and serve, and we are dedicated to doing just that as we get to know our new neighbors throughout the Western PA Division,” said Major Gregory Hartshorn. “We look forward to working with our new colleagues and friends as we do the most good in our communities, and lead by example to spread God’s great love and faithfulness, a daily experience we can share with all.” 

The Hartshorns have adult children, Valerie (and Jim), Hillary (and T.J.) and Zachary, who all live and work in the Northeast. They also have two grandchildren, Ellis, 13 months (Valerie and Jim), and Emilia, 10 months (Hillary and T.J.). They are looking forward to welcoming a third grandchild in June 2021.                      

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