Alyssa Carter, CEO, Today's Home

Alyssa brings 20 years of management experience to Todays Home. As an assistant manager of Party City when she was 18 she learned that “you earn respect from the job you do, not from your title you have” as she was managing people 3x her age; an adage she still practices today. After graduating from Robert Morris College with a degree in Information Systems and Communications, she quickly moved from a Banker to Assistant Manager and ultimately Branch Manager at one of the largest and most profitable branches at Citizens Bank in the Pittsburgh area. Managing multiple people in a fast retail banking environment gave her a good understanding of how sales and customer service go hand in hand. This taught her one of the most valuable lessons she was able to bring to her next endeavor that if you take care of the customer, the bottom line will take care of itself.

Wanting to evolve from large corporate banking she took a position with Today’s Home as the manager of the North Hills store. Today’s Home is a family owned business that was founded 68 years ago by Sigmund and Audrey Lenchner and now is in its third generation of leadership. It is here that she learned the ins and outs of the furniture and interior design industry.

As she has moved up through the ranks at Today’s Home she has held multiple positions all while watching the furniture industry rapidly change. Brick and mortar stores are quickly changing in today’s digital environments. She has a dedicated focus on outstanding customer service so that consumers know why stores like Today’s Home thrive even with the growth of digital sales. Alyssa is currently the Chief Operating Officer and oversees all day to day operations as well as service and sales.

Alyssa’s passion is keeping Today’s Home moving forward into the next generation of consumers needs with the higher demand for online shopping and new customer buying habits. She has led the charge to continue the innovation that the current President and her mentor, Jeff Lenchner had started. Her goal is to continue building the business, expanding customer reach and expanding price point options along with different ways to connect to all age groups. She wants to continue to build on Today’s Home Legacy and core principles that have made Today’s Home survive while other business in the same field have failed.

Alyssa also is a very active member of the Elks Organization, serving as President of the Cranberry Township Lodge for 3 years. With dedication to youth services and leading various fundraising events.

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