Pamela Greenhouse, CEO, Wellbridge Health

Ms. Greenhouse has 30 years of experience across the full spectrum of healthcare operations management, including adult and pediatric care, ambulatory, acute, rehabilitation, home and long-term care, and for the past 5 years start-up digital telehealth at Wellbridge Health, Inc.

Wellbridge Health is a high-tech high-touch chronic disease management company. Our model provides 7 day/week remote symptom monitoring via smartphone app and weekly face-to-face video chat health coaching. This approach reduces unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations through timely symptom response and improves self-management by pairing our members with master’s level health coaches who partner with them to initiate and sustain healthy behavior change. We are particularly interested in under-served populations.

Prior to joining Wellbridge Health, Pamela was Executive Director of the Patient and Family Care Innovation Center of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In this role, she co-developed a 6-step patient/family experience methodology to 1) view all health care through the eyes of patients and families, and 2) close the gaps between the current and ideal state in any health care setting. This method has been implemented in clinical settings around the world.

She is a published author with over 30 papers in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and has been a frequent speaker, around the country and internationally, on the topics of experience-based health care design and patient engagement.

Pamela holds an M.B.A. in Organizational Behavior.

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