Robert Stone, CEO of 911Switch

Robert Stone has spent 30 plus years in the lighting industry designing and implementing custom lighting projects to reduce energy and operational costs and has designed programs for various entities including school districts, hospitals and various corporate entities.

With the advancement of LED lighting technologies, he has designed and implemented projects replacing existing lighting for roadways, industrial and numerous commercial applications.

In the spring of 2016, he saw a need for providing emergency responders with a visual signal to identify the address needing emergency response versus relying on house numbers that may not be easily identifiable at night, and in some cases may be missing.

In the case of a resident needing emergency services, he wanted to give them the ability to remotely activate their existing front lights from anywhere in the home to strobe to allow First Responders to look for the strobing lights versus relying on looking for the home’s address.

Through various methods, he designed and patented the “911Switch”.

The “911Switch” replaces an existing light switch that controls the home’s exterior lights. Using either a hand held FOB or an app for a Smart Device, when emergency services are needed, the resident can activate their front lights to strobe them so emergency responders can immediately identify the home needing emergency services.

Robert started the company First Response Lighting Solutions and are marketing the “911Switch” through the website,

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