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Mike Prisuta’s Steelers Radio Network Pregame Show Monologue

Although their 11-0 record would seemingly say all that needs to be said, the debate rages on regarding whether the Steelers are a juggernaut or a fraud.

Can’t they just be the NFL’s only unbeaten team for the time being?

Even that ain’t what it used to be amid the pandemic, at least not to guard David DeCastro. He cited the possibility they “shut the season off tomorrow” as one of the reasons 11-0 feels “weird” this year.

So there’s that to deal with heading into the kickoff against Washington.

Then there’s the loss of outside linebacker Bud Dupree, who was as popular in the locker room as he was a terror on the field. This one’s gonna leave a mark, as the loss of inside linebacker Devin Bush already has.

The array of eligible pass-catchers also collectively forgot how to consistently catch the ball last Wednesday afternoon against Baltimore. They’ll have to do better than play volleyball against a defense that is most definitely varsity.

And if that’s not enough drama, the special teams arrow is pointing to the guy kicking the ball this afternoon doing so for the first time in an NFL game.

In comparison with all of the above, does it really matter what a national radio blowhard or a website that purports scouting expertise thinks of the Steelers in relation to the Seahawks, Saints or Chiefs?

To paraphrase Mike Tomlin, you should … not … care.

Are you ready for some football?

The opponent today is 4-7 and has had one of the great fight songs in the history of sports replaced by “A Horse With No Name.”

But the Washington Whatevers have a feel-good story at quarterback who’s also a calming, veteran presence, a running game that’s getting better as rookie running back Antonio Gibson continues finding the end zone, and a pass rush that’s fueled by first-round draft picks, the number of which you could count on one hand assuming you have all five digits.

Beating these guys in the second game of a stretch that includes three in 12 days would be more than enough at present.

Let how good everybody thinks the Steelers are sort itself out eventually.

By the first weekend in February, we’ll all know for certain.

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