Major Motion Picture "Biopics" that Got the Story Wrong

Most people know when they go to the movies, and the Biopic puts up the disclaimer "Based on a true story" or "inspired by true events" we're getting a little truth and sometimes a lot of story telling to make the movie more fun for the are about 40 of the most successful biopics, and movies based on real stories, that took a lot of artistic license, for reasons you'll read about in a sec....movies like "A Beautiful Mind" about Nobel winner John Nash, who had, in the film, schizophrenia with harrowing hallucinations and delusions...when actually, the real John Nash had only auditory in "Bohemian Rhapsody," where the script has Freddie Mercury first meeting his long-time companion Jim Hutton after one of Freddie's house parties, when actually, it was the more traditional first meeting: Freddie hitting on him in a bar, asking to buy him a drink (to which Hutton refused, which was true to the script)....check out all these examples from the website "Here Moments," here.