Terrible First Concerts of Rocks Biggest Bands

Some of rock's biggest stars had the same tiny, mistake filled, sometimes sleazy, first concerts that they can now look back on and laugh, kinda....from Motley Crue having the crowd flipping them the bird and spitting on them, to where Vince Neil jumped onto a guy in the crowd, and Nikki Sixx bashed a guy over the head with his guitar....to Def Leppard playing a high school concert, and Steve Clark doing the windmill motion with his arm on his guitar to open the first song, but no sound came out....to AC/DC's manager pulling the power plug on them every 20 minutes cause he thought they were too loud.....to Kiss splitting a $50 payday after playing to 10 people....to the Doors starting out in a sleazy, dirty stripper bar where prostitutes worked regularly...here are stories of how they started from these guys, plus the Police, Heart, Guns n Roses and more.