25 of the Craziest Things Keith Moon Ever Did

C'mon, who was crazier than Who drummer Keith Moon? Here's just a sampling of some of the nutzo things he did before his overdose death in 1978 at age 32: Blew up his bass drum on TV on the "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," Blew up hotel toilets and chopped up hotel furniture with an axe, celebrated his 21st birthday in a Flint Michigan hotel by leading a hotel-wide food fight naked and knocked out his two front teeth, requiring emergency surgery, ran over his chauffeur, causing his death, rode thru London streets with a bullhorn proclaiming various outlandish fictitious emergencies, left severed pig heads in the bed of the drummer for Herman's Hermits, frequently dressed in drag, or as a Nazi.....but wait, there's more....right here.