Songs That Don't Mean What You Think They Do

Sometimes we get the words wrong to our favorite tunes, and sometimes we totally get the meaning of the most famous is "Every Breath You Take," by the Police, which isn't about love, it's about an obsessive stalker....Think Van Halen's "Jump" is a fun dancy tune? Nope. David Lee Roth says he wrote the lyrics after watching a story on the news of a guy on top of a building threatening to jump, and how there's someone who's yelling for the guy to jump....Phil Collins wrote "Take Me Home", not about someone coming back home, but a person in an asylum, after Collins watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."....see where "Walk This Way" from Aerosmith came from, "Sister Christian," Heart's "Barracuda," the "Macarena" (that's a doozy) and more, here.