Dio Autobiography Comes Out in July

Courtesy Getty Images

11 years after Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer, his autobiography is finally about to come out...."Rainbow in the Dark" hits stores July 27th, and promises to give Dio fans tons of behind the scenes stories--including stuff about Ronnie's childhood, his time in Rainbow and the big falling out with Ritchie Blackmore that resulted in Dio leaving the band--plus all the sex, drugs and rock and roll you'd expect in a rock and roll biography...lots about his time with Black \Sabbath, and what led to his own band "Dio" in 1982...Dio's widow, Wendy says Dio himself worked on the book all the way up thru his recounting of his time in Rainbow, then after he passed, she and music journalist Mick Wall collected Dio interviews and compiled the rest of the book in Ronnie's words... Here's more of what you'll get in "Rainbow in the Dark" come July.