10 Things You Didn't Know About Led Zeppelin IV

Maybe one of the reasons this monster of a classic album has so many people talking all of the time....its mysterious cover art is open to so many interpretations.....Led Zeppelin IV, also known as "Zoso," seems to be deliberately vague and mysterious....but George Case, writer of "Led Zeppelin: All That's Left to Know About the Greatest Hard Rock Band of All Time," says there's way less thought put into some of the things fans obsess about with the "Zoso" album....like the reason why there's no title or listing of the band name on the album cover...Case says Jimmy Page was answering music critics that said the success of the first three Zeppelin albums was a result of hype, so the band put no band name or title on the outside cover...as for the mysterious symbols to represent the four member of the group, Case says at least two of the guys, John Paul Jones and John Bonham, didn't care what they chose and did it without thought...Robert Plant chose a feather in a circle from a possibly fictional lost civilization....Jimmy Page chose a depiction of Capricorn from the 1500's....another cool fact: while recording "When the Levvee Breaks" all the parts are slowed down except for Plant's vocals...here's more fun stuff from "Zoso".