40 Little Known Facts About Bugs Bunny

Courtesy Getty Images

Trivia to entertain yo and your friends: Bugs Bunny's only lost a fight in a cartoon four times....He created the disparaging meaning of the word "Nimrod," which previously had nothing to do with being a goof, dummy or knucklehead....he was the first drag queen on TV....He looked waaaaaaay different and had a different name when he first appeared in cartoons....check out these 40 little know facts about Bugs, including where that name came from, what famous actors influenced his personality and his carrot eating, and what branch of the military he's an honorary member of: https://www.postfun.com/incredible/bugs-bunny-facts/?utm_source=ao&utm_campaign=wud-dtm-us-n-0-0-200904-pu-ao-a0&utm_medium=aol-ao&utm_content=blank&utm_term=4730

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