This Is The Most Popular Beer In Pennsylvania

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Bud Light is the most popular beer brand among Pennsylvania residents, according to

The website shared data on beer consumption from 2020-22 and broke down the top 5 beers in all 50 states with Bud Light ranking No. 1 in Pennsylvania, followed by Miller Lite, Stella, Budweiser and Heineken.

Bud Light was also the top choice in four other states: Connecticut, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington.

Budweiser ranked as the top choice in more stands than any other brand, which included Alabama, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia.'s full list of the most popular beer in every state is listed below:

  1. Alabama- Budweiser
  2. Arizona- Dos Equis
  3. Arkansas- Budweiser
  4. California- Budweiser
  5. Colorado- Denver Beer Co
  6. Connecticut- Bud Light
  7. Delaware- Dogfish Head
  8. Florida- Stella
  9. Georgia- Terrapin
  10. Idaho- Budweiser
  11. Illinois- Goose Island
  12. Indiana- Miller Lite
  13. Iowa- Budweiser
  14. Kansas- Coors Light
  15. Kentucky- Budweiser
  16. Louisiana- Abita
  17. Maine- Budweiser
  18. Maryland- Budweiser
  19. Massachusetts- Budweiser
  20. Michigan- Budweiser
  21. Minnesota- Budweiser
  22. Missisisppi- Lazy Magnolia
  23. Missouri- Budweiser
  24. Montana- Budweiser
  25. Nebraska- Nebraska Black Betty
  26. Nevada- Coors Light
  27. New Hampshire- Budweiser
  28. New Jersey- Miller Lite
  29. New Mexico- La Cumbre
  30. New York- Budweiser
  31. North Carolina- Bud Light
  32. North Dakota- Fargo
  33. Ohio- Heineken
  34. Oklahoma- Budweiser
  35. Oregon- Budweiser
  36. Pennsylvania- Bud Light
  37. Rhode Island- Narragansett
  38. South Carolina- Budweiser
  39. South Dakota- Budweiser
  40. Tennessee- Budweiser
  41. Texas- Lone Star
  42. Utah- Budweiser
  43. Vermont- Bud Light
  44. Virginia- Budweiser
  45. Washington- Bud Light
  46. West Virginia- Budweiser
  47. Wisconsin- Spotted Cow
  48. Wyoming- Snake River

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