Chargers Take A Jab At The Steelers With Pop Tart Flavors Tweet

The Chargers are having way too much fun on social media today.

They have been posting pictures of their opponents for the upcoming season as made-up Pop Tart flavors.

In a Tweet about the Steelers, the team posted a picture of T.J. Watt along with a box of TikTok flavored "Tok Tarts."

Not sure why they used a photo of Watt, because JuJu would've been the obvious choice, but it is what it is.

It could've been worse, though. TikTok flavor (which isn't really a flavor at all) is actually better than what they came up with for the Browns and Bengals. The Browns got Baked Beans and the Bengals got the "Crusty Cement" flavor!

Check out the complete thread here.

Photo: Getty Images

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