WATCH: Alejandro Villanueva's First Press Conference With The Ravens

Former Steelers OT Alejandro Villanueva did his first press conference as a member of the Baltimore Ravens today.

A lot of the questions either had something to do with the rivalry between the two teams or about his time with the Steelers.

The first question was asked by Jamison Hensley (ESPN reporter who covers the Ravens): As you know, going from the Steelers to the Ravens doesn't happen with a lot of players. What's your feeling going to kind of the arch rival of the Steelers? Have you heard any feedback from Steelers fans since doing so?

Villanueva's answer was in part about learning the new playbook and getting to know his new teammates and coaches, and he also added, "I've heard from obviously my teammates back in Pittsburgh. I keep a really good relationship with them, but not from the fans. I have very little communication with the outside world. So, it's a little tough for me down here in south Florida for me to hear from Steelers fans."

He has also known for a while that he wouldn't be wearing the black and gold anymore. Villanueva said, "I've never been a free agent like this before...Pittsburgh has always been a class-act organization and they let me know that I was not coming back to the team very shortly after the season."

Why did he decide to go to Baltimore? "For me, the options were not plenty. So, the fact that I knew the Ravens as a team, as a team that plays hard, a team that plays AFC North-type of football, and I'd have a chance to play against the Steelers as well was something that motivated me coming here for sure."

He also took a little bit of a jab at how much the Steelers passed the ball last season. When asked about moving from left tackle to right tackle he said, "The left to right tackle is not as important, because we're not going to be, hopefully, throwing the ball 800 times a season."

You can watch the full press conference below, or on the Ravens YouTube channel.

The transcript has also been post on the Ravens website.

Photo: Getty Images

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