Nurses Rock

National Nurses Day is May 6th and we want to celebrate by highlighting the great job local nurses are doing in Western Pennsylvania! Here are a few of the nominees that were submitted last week. Each will receive a gift card to Sewickley Spa!

Thank you to all nurses!

Diana B. was nominated by her sister Becky.

I am nominating my Sister Diana because she is the most compassionate nurse. She has spent this last year working directly with Covid patients. She works at Allegheny General Hospital as a float nurse tending to all ICU's and she has been in the heart of covid since the start. She volunteered to help set up a specific unit for Covid patients and was able to teach her co-workers the proper protocols when treating Covid patients. Most recently she has been working in the vaccination clinic. I think she deserves a little spa day for her hard work.
Nurses Rock - Diana B.

Sandra R. was nominated by her daughter Farrah.

My mom has been a nurse for 43 years. She is the hardest working woman I know. She had 5 kids in 7 years and her and my father worked so hard to support us. She was in the high risk category for Covid and that did not stop her from working during the pandemic. She has even been picking up extra shifts to distribute vaccines. She really deserves this!

Holly M. was nominated by her friend Lauren.

Holly is a recovery room nurse at Passavant Hospital. There have been more times than i can count that she has been there for myself and my family. The most significant is when my mother was hospitalized last year following an emergency surgery. Holly came to the waiting room to personally talk to us about how my mom was doing during the surgery and following up with her recovery to reassure us that she was doing ok. Mom ended up in ICU for an extended amount of time. Most of the family could not even go to see her because of Covid. Holly would personally go to check on mom and pass along much needed love that could not be given by us. Holly made us feel as if she was family and mom still talks to her as of this date. We absolutely love her!
Nurses Rock - Holly M.

Aimee P. was nominated by her daughter Jessica.

My mom has been a nurse since 1993. She is amazing because throughout her career she has raised two kids, beat breast cancer, and even overcame COVID-19 when she contracted it from working with patients. She goes above and beyond every single day, and always does it with a smile. She truly deserves this and more.
Nurses Rock - Aimee P.

Danielle L. was nominated by her friend Allison.

I am nominating Danielle because she is so passionate about her job as a nurse. She is my 4 1/2 year old daughters home health nurse. Danielle cares for my daughter in my home and she always goes above and beyond for my daughter and my family! My daughter spent her first years of her life in the hospital, thankfully Danielle was able to come into our lives at the right moment so we could bring our daughter home and know that she would be cared for safely. I am so thankful for her and I know how much she would appreciate this gift. She loves my daughter unconditionally and would do anything for her.
Nurses Rock - Danielle L.

Mary M. was nominated by her daughter Amanda.

My mother is a veteran hospice nurse who guides patients and their families during the most difficult period of their lives. She goes above and beyond for her patients, and their comfort and dignity is her highest priority. Her dedication knows no limits. I've often brought her meals at all hours of the night because she is tending to a patient at their deathbed and cannot even stop to eat. She does anything she can to make sure they leave this Earth with peace. During the pandemic, she is somehow working even harder in a job that has become infinitely more difficult. Covid has made it harder to see loved ones, but when loved ones are nearing the end of their lives, the separation is even more devastating. She somehow holds it together and tends to the most vulnerable population and their families.
Nurses Rock - Mary M.

Hanna M. was nominated by her mother Amy.

My daughter was a new pediatric nurse at Children's Hospital Pittsburgh when the pandemic hit, she never missed a beat... being a newer nurse she was thrown in to a whole different world of nursing and held her own giving her patients the best care! She was even nominated for the Daisy award, which is the highest award offered to nurses, that as a nurse of 1 year is a big honor and shows how much she loves what she does and puts her whole heart into taking care of her patients!
Nurses Rock - Hanna M.

Sidney G. was nominated by her friend Amy.

Sidney is a cardiac ICU nurse manager who still takes care of patients while serving those she manages. Over the pandemic, I've seen Sidney take on countless extra hours and shifts because of need. Even though she is a manager, she has still been actively involved in patient care. Covid has been a trying time and Sidney deserves to be pampered and treated with all of the respect and love she gives to her patients!
Nurses Rock - Sidney G.

Christina M. was nominated by her co-worker Abby.

The most kind loving Pediatric nurse.She worked all thou Covid with this family, the whole house contracted the virus herself included. The kids lost their mother due to complications of Covid and she worked 80 hours a week to make sure the kids and their other parent were taking care of. Not only the best nurse I know but one of the best people I know. I now work with her taking care of the 2 special needs kiddos in the house.

Cindy F. was nominated by her daughter Lisa.

My mom has been a renal dialysis nurse for more than 40 years. She has worked hard to earn her associate's degree, then her bachelor's and finally her master's degree. She has put her heart and soul into nursing and always goes above and beyond for her patients. She is retiring in September and I think this would be a really nice way to say thank you for all of her years of service!
Nurses Rock - Cindy F.

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