Paul Stanley Talks New Soul Station Album, KISS, & Says Rock Is NOT Dead

Paul Stanley from KISS called in today!

We talked in depth about his new album with Soul Station "Now and Then," which features an amazing group of musicians.

The record features nine cover songs and five originals, and yes, it's an R&B/soul album, but they really did these songs justice (check out their cover of "O-O-H Child" and the original song "I, Oh, I" below). I am really looking forward to hearing the rest of it when it drops on March 19th.

I also asked him if there are any plans to do at least one more KISS album, and he said "probably not" then explained why. Plus we chatted a little about the current state of rock music, which his KISS bandmate Gene Simmons say is "dead." Paul does not agree with that!

You can listen to the full interview below or on iHeartRadio.

Photo: Brian Lowe/Courtesy of Paul Stanley's Soul Station

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