Penguins John Marino Added To NHL COVID Protocol list

Penguins defenseman John Marino has been added to the NHL's COVID-19 Protocol Related Absences list.

That doesn't mean he tested positive for COVID, as there a number of different reasons players can be put on that list:

  • (1) an initial positive test which remains unconfirmed until confirmatory testing is completed pursuant to the Positive Test Protocol
  • (2) mandated isolation for symptomatic individuals pursuant to the Positive Test Protocol
  • (3) required quarantine as a high-risk close contact in accordance with the Positive Test Protocol
  • (4) isolation based on a confirmed positive test result
  • (5) quarantine for travel or other reasons as outlined in the COVID-19 Protocol

He's the only player from the Penguins that is currently on the list, but the New Jersey Devils, who were supposed to be in Pittsburgh this week for two games against the Pens, have over 15 players on it. Both of those games were postponed.

Pens are back on the ice this Saturday against the Islanders.

Photo: Getty Images

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