WATCH: The Doobie Brothers And Peter Frampton Cover Clapton's "Let It Rain"

The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton have a released an extremely well done virtual cover of Eric Clapton's "Let It Rain."

Tom Johnston from The Doobies says, "We had a ball with it. I mean it was so much fun to do. And, we're also gonna put out another Doobie Brothers song. This time we're gonna have a Michael [McDonald] song. And I'm doing videos for other stuff too. So I got to say, I'm have been busier than I am when I'm on the road."

Frampton said he had a great time working on the project as well. His new memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?, came out last week.

Check out the full virtual performance in the video below or on YouTube.

Photos: Getty Images

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