Troy Polamalu Writes About Being "A Pittsburgh Steeler"

Troy Polamalu wrote a very heartfelt piece on Monday in which he thanked the Steelers organization, his former teammates, and the fans.

He titled the lengthy Facebook post "A Pittsburgh Steeler," in which he wrote, "To be a Steeler is to consider others before you consider yourself. To protect your brother, even from himself, to give support, even at your expense, when wearing black and gold suit of armor, make sure nobody desecrates or disrespects it, most importantly we ourselves don’t dishonor it."

He added, "One of the best sayings I’ve ever heard from previous legends who have donned the black and gold is, 'You could have played with us'."

On Friday last week the Steelers announced that Polamalu, along with James Farrior, Greg Lloyd, Mike Wagner and Dwight White, were all selected for the Steelers Hall of Honor Class of 2020.

He ended the post by saying, "Now, I’m blessed to be in the Hall of Honor, confirmation that enduring the struggles to emulate players before me is worthwhile. Thank yinz."

The full piece is a must read for all Steelers fans. You can check it out below or on Troy Polamalu's official Facebook Page.

Photo: Getty Images

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