Maurkice Pouncey Says He Was Given Limited Information About Antwon Rose

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Maurkice Pouncey addressed the wearing of Antwon Rose, Jr.'s name on the back of his helmet during Monday Night Football this week.

He said, "I was given limited information on the situation regarding Antwon and I was unaware of the whole story surrounding his death," and added that he "should have done more research to fully understand what occurred in it’s entirety.”

Pouncey also said, "Moving forward, I will make my own decision about what to wear on the back of my helmet.”

All of Pouncey's teammates, except Al Villanueva, also wore Rose's name on the back of their helmets during the Steelers game against the Giants.

You can read Pouncey's full statement below, or on his Instagram.

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