Mike Tomlin Says Ryan Shazier Is Focusing On "Transitional Things"

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin talked to reporters on Monday about the absence of Ryan Shazier from at Steelers Training Camp this year.

Coach said, "Ryan is not missing because of COVID (restrictions). Ryan is focused on some transitional things in his life, and that's where his focus is right now. He has my, and our, full support in terms of that. I hope that he's going to have some time for us in the future, but as he lays the foundation for the rest of his life, man, that's where he's focusing his energies."

Of course Shazier hasn't played since having spinal stabilization surgery after being injured while making a tackle during the December 4, 2017, game against the Bengals.

The Steelers placed Shazier on the reserve/retired list earlier this year.

You can watch the full press conference from today with Coach Tomlin below.

Photo: Getty Images

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