Hotwire Ranks Pittsburgh As a Top Destination for Quick Getaways in 2020

Pittsburgh ranked at No. 8 for "America's Best Cities for a Quickie" for a mid-sized must-see city, according to Hotwire, a discount travel and booking website. No. 1 went to St. Louis, MO and No. 2 to Tampa, FL.

The "America's Best Cities for a Quickie" Index for 2020 ranks destinations offering a wide variety of entertainment such as:

  1. Most number of bars and restaurants
  2. Most things to do
  3. Least number of rainy days per year

They also take into account ease of arrival (driveability) and best bang for your buck based on the following factors:

  1. High hotel demand
  2. Lowest average hotel daily rate
  3. Biggest last-minute savings

Lastly, population is used to score these cities as travelers are often looking to escape to less crowded destinations.

Cities were further divided into 4 subcategories based on population as follows:

  1. Major Metropolises
  2. Mid-Size Must-Sees
  3. Small Town Favorites
  4. Itty Bitty Cities

You can check out how Pittsburgh scored in each category at

Photo by Brandy Richey

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